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Amazon launches new generative AI feature for sellers to create product descriptions

Amazon launches new generative AI feature for sellers to create product descriptions This news covers Amazon’s introduction of a generative AI tool aimed at helping sellers generate product descriptions easily. aboutamazon.com

Amazon is introducing generative AI capabilities to transform the shopping experience and enhance the success of its selling partners. A key focus is on simplifying the creation of high-quality product pages. Previously, sellers had to put in significant effort to input detailed product information. Now, Amazon makes it easier by enabling sellers to convert their existing product pages on other websites into tailored listings for Amazon with less effort.

Last fall, Amazon began allowing sellers to describe their product in a few words, and used generative AI to create product titles, descriptions, and other details. Sellers can now upload a product image, and generative AI automatically generates the title, description, and attributes, improving product discoverability.

Over 100,000 selling partners have used Amazon’s generative AI listing tools. The AI-generated listings have shown improvements in clarity, accuracy, and detail, with sellers accepting the suggested attributes nearly 80% of the time with minimal edits. This innovation saves sellers, especially small businesses, time and allows them to focus on product development.

Amazon is now launching a feature that allows sellers to create listings by providing a URL to their existing online product listings, further streamlining the listing creation process. This new capability, leveraging Amazon’s AWS and Amazon Bedrock, is rolling out in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

Generative AI tools are constantly learning and evolving, offering powerful new AI tools and capabilities. This development is part of Amazon’s commitment to partnering with small businesses to enhance the shopping and selling experience.


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