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Google Limits Election-Related Queries on AI Chatbot Gemini

Google has announced restrictions on the types of election-related inquiries users can make through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot, Gemini. The policy update, aimed at minimizing controversies surrounding AI technology, has been initiated in India ahead of its upcoming elections in April.

Gemini, Google’s answer to the popular ChatGPT chatbot, is capable of responding to queries in text format and generating images. According to a Google spokesperson, this measure is a part of the broader strategy concerning election-related content that was disclosed last year.

The spokesperson emphasized, “In preparation for the numerous global elections in 2024 and to exercise maximum caution, we are limiting the election-related questions to which Gemini will provide answers.”

This decision reflects a growing concern over misinformation spread via generative AI technologies, leading to increased regulatory actions by governments worldwide. Notably, India recently required tech companies to obtain prior approval before launching AI tools deemed “unreliable” or under testing.

Google’s move comes after recent incidents where its AI image generator mistakenly included inappropriate representations in historical images, leading to a temporary suspension of the tool and a public apology for not meeting the intended standards.

By restricting Gemini’s ability to answer certain election-related questions, Google aims to mitigate the potential for misinformation and align with global efforts to ensure the responsible use of AI technology in sensitive areas such as elections.

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