HomeNoticeUpdate: LastAI has been upgraded to Version 3.3.0.

Update: LastAI has been upgraded to Version 3.3.0.


Version 3.3.0 (2023.12.06)

  • NEW Revamped chat interface.
  • NEW AI Chat typing with voice.
  • NEW AI Chat search and filters.
  • NEW AI Chat prompt library.
  • NEW AI Chat premium chatbot/export.
  • TWEAK Translated most system messages.
  • TWEAK UI improvements.
  • TWEAK Reduced duplicate content.
  • TWEAK Displayed Russian Rubles on the right side.
  • TWEAK Allowed more than 2000 characters for maximum OpenAI output length.
  • TWEAK Reduced document pagination count to 20.
  • TWEAK Adjusted Top Countries table height relative to content.
  • TWEAK Allowed multiple lines of prompt in chat; also allowed ‘Shift+Enter’ to insert a line.
  • FIX Resolved mail driver issues.
  • FIX Fixed backend stream for the latest GPT models.
  • FIX Addressed installation errors.
  • FIX Fixed turbo issue in the article wizard.
  • FIX Resolved webhook issues in PayPal, Paystack, and YooKassa gateways.
  • FIX Fixed stripe error messages.
  • FIX Resolved issue where redirect to dashboard with messages was not showing.
  • FIX Hidden affiliate card when the affiliate is turned off.
  • FIX Resolved a possible social login Google issue.
  • FIX Resolved a possible AI wizard frontend stream issue.


Version 3.2.0 (2023.11.24)

  • NEW Advanced file manager introduced.
  • TWEAK Added new AI models to subscription plans.
  • TWEAK Style changes for daily usage bars.
  • TWEAK Stable diffusion models updated.
  • TWEAK Improved DALL-E image quality.
  • TWEAK Added support for more languages.
  • TWEAK Selectable default DALL-E model in OpenAI settings.
  • FIX Resolved some typos.
  • FIX Fixed issues in AI wizard.
  • FIX Resolved errors in AI image processing.


Version 3.1.0

  • NEW Added GPT-4-Turbo model.
  • NEW Added Dall-E-3.
  • TWEAK Improved error handling for image generation output.
  • FIX Fixed social login not clickable on small screens.
  • FIX Adjusted display of right-aligned currency position on home page.
  • FIX Resolved AI wizard issue for users.


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